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Diverse Kindergarten


Dramatic Play: Children can experiment with a variety of roles in this centre. They can express their feelings while gaining a positive self-image through play with others.

Blocks: Blocks can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. They are useful for categorizing and counting.

Library Area: The library is used to introduce children to books in an enjoyable way. Books are useful in developing language skills.

Manipulative: This is the area where children can practice small motor skills, which helps to develop self help skills. It is also useful in developing eye-hand coordination.

Sand or Water Play: This area is useful for teaching science concepts such as colour, temperature, textures, etc.

Art Area: This area allows the child to be independent and encourages creativity.

Large Muscle: Large muscle control is the building block other skills depend on. Children need to practice large muscle skills. Running and jumping are great ways to rid of energy.

Science Area: Children will have a chance to explore and learn safely with open-ended materials that the children can build on.

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